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Israel:  Your Next Destination

So why should you visit Israel?

Only a short and inexpensive flight from Europe, Israel is one of the most culturally diverse, historically rich and exciting places anywhere in the world. Blessed with year-round sunshine and blue skies, we promise that you will return home from your tour not just suntanned but also enlightened.

Small Country, Global Impact

While small in size, Israel boasts an oversized history as the source of the three monotheistic faiths. We Invite you to discover the global crossroads that is Israel, where it all truly began.

Startup Nation

Israel is a country barely 70 years old, completely lacking in natural resources, yet with the largest number of start-ups per capita in the world. Investigate the secret of Israeli innovation through visits to cutting-edge startups and meetings with some of the country’s leading visionaries.

Get The Most Out of Your Day

Imagine a day where you wake up in the desert, float in the Dead Sea at the lowest point on earth, and then spend your evening exploring the narrow streets of the Old City of Jerusalem. Experience diverse cultures, breathtaking vistas and four seasons all in one day

Israel Next – The Ultimate Destination

Thanks to its rich diversity, innovative character, and vibrant youth culture, a trip to Israel offers a wealth of inspiring experiences and life lessons.


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Tel - Aviv

Academy on Wheels 

You choose the means of travel – by private bus at your disposal or by rail? 

By private bus


Private Bus travel is the most popular means of transportation for groups in Israel because of its flexibility and easy access to and from the group’s accommodation. Buses also have the added advantage of being convenient for guiding during road journeys.

All the buses in our fleet are tourist-class buses of the highest quality and latest models. Our drivers are among the best in Israel and have

BY PRIVATE BUSmany years of experience working with youth groups. Last, but not least, our buses are serviced regularly and meet the most stringent safety standards.

By rail


If you wish to experience Israel in an unconventional way that is also good for the environment, then traveling by train is just the ticket for you. Israel Railways connects all the country’s major urban centers such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa while affording a comfortable and eco-friendly ride between destinations.
Train travel is an excellent opportunity to mingle with local Israelis while truly immersing yourself in the eclectic human mosaic that is Israel.
Israel’s train stations are easily accessible by public transportation (such as buses) and are located within the respective cities as well as at the airport.

Choose your trip 

Classic Israel


Unforgettable Israel


Jerusalem and Tel Aviv




Israel - The Land of Innovation


Enjoy your Trip!